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More crisis-proof

The world is looking for new innovators who can make the economy (more) crisis-proof. For existing corporates and organisations to remain relevant they need to create more sustainable business models, new ways of thinking, new ways of working, new kinds of ownership.


Proven and new concepts

New companies that are co-owned by a small or large community are popping up in many industries such as fashion, stock photography, tech, media, consumer-products. Even in big corporates, co-ownership such as stewardship has been proven successful and sustainable over the decades. How can startups or existing companies make that shift?

Your role

That is where this minor comes in. Community Driven Innovators can create an impact in corporates or small businesses. You will join a league of dedicated Community Driven Innovators from the industry and work on real, community-driven innovations for companies and organisations who want to change the world for the better, without losing their business perspective.


This brand new minor Community Driven Business Innovators is born out of a sense of urgency for business innovation. The world around us is changing rapidly due to technological advances and social implications. The pandemic crisis has painfully exposed companies that in recent years - under pressure from shareholders - have been applying short-term profit maximization, but almost immediately ran into financial problems when COVID-19 emerged worldwide. Some had to apply for state aid, which caused them public outrage. Even health care employees, including doctors and nurses on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic, could face a (temporary) pay cut, leading to protest letters to the CEO about these unequal measures that make mid & lower employees suffer, as well as the community that should be served.

Brought to you by Creative Business University of Applied Sciences

This minor is brought to you by the state of the art Bachelor degree programme Creative Business which prepares students for a career in the global creative business, in both established and emerging markets. It focusses on the latest developments in international marketing, media and business innovation.​

Open for all studies

This English taught minor is meant for second and third-year bachelor students from all study programmes, not just Creative Business. For 2021-2022 this minor is open for HU students only, part-time and full-time. It doesn't matter if your from Bedrijfskunde or Build Environment, or from Communication and Media Design or Health & Social Work. You want to work with real clients on real projects with real deadlines. You have an open mind and are willing to reach out to (prospective) community members for input.

Entry requirements

To enter this programme, you need to have finished your second year of studies and you need to have attained English language skills at CEFR level B2. If you are unsure about your level, you can do a free written and spoken assessment online, e.g. at or contact us for a quick oral test. 

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